Universal homes are growing in popularity due to unmatched levels of accessibility. They offer a safe and inviting experience for all users, regardless of their needs, ability, age, or other characteristics. Whether you are working to accommodate family members who have certain needs, planning your residence to match your needs as you grow older, or designing your home to serve as an oasis of inclusivity, thoughtful design can help meet crucial requirements for your future occupants and visitors.

Incorporate These Seven Design Features into Your Universal Home

Designing a universal home requires taking the current and future needs of all occupants into account, which necessitates meticulous and thoughtful planning. From large design features, such as floor plans, to more minute details, like floor lighting in dark hallways for walking at night, a well-designed universal home should account for a family’s current and evolving needs. Some creative universal home design features include:

  1. Stepless Entries

Stepless entries help ensure that home occupants and visitors alike feel welcome and can enter easily. With stepless entries, family members such as seniors with wheelchairs or parents with strollers can easily navigate into and out of the home. As steps leading to the front door can be a serious challenge for those with mobility problems, stepless entries can be a feasible solution that benefits everyone. Building ramps or gradual inclines can further facilitate accessibility.

  1. Elevators

If your custom home will feature a basement or multiple stories, elevators can serve as a pragmatic and luxurious option for family members with limited mobility. Elevators can increase a home’s safety by decreasing the risk of the elderly or younger children falling down or up the stairs. Moreover, disabled individuals who use wheelchairs can easily navigate between floors. Modern elevators include sleek designs, meaning you won’t have to sacrifice the aesthetic appeal of your home.

  1. Spacious Bathrooms

Spacious master bathrooms with multiple, walk-in bathing options are already popular for homeowners looking to transform the home into a luxurious oasis. Large bathrooms can also serve to meet the diverse needs of many users, such as those with mobility challenges, allowing more space for walkers or wheelchairs. By considering options such as roll in showers and grab bars, you can create a safer home for those with unique needs.

Installing sinks or countertops lower to the ground, as well as easily accessible storage solutions, can also make a bathroom more functional and useful for all. Those looking to build a universal bathroom can consider non-slip flooring materials to increase safety in the space, contributing to a comfortable and dignified experience in the bathroom.

  1. Smart Home Technologies

A key element of universal homes is easy maintenance. Using smart home technologies can reduce the load of overhead maintenance tasks, such as changing lighting or climate controls or cleaning up. Technologies that make the home easier to maintain can benefit busy parents and family members with limited mobility alike.

Automating lighting and climate settings can meet the needs of each family member throughout the day. They can be varied by room, helping all occupants of the house feel comfortable, no matter the season or time of day. Motion-activated lights can be particularly beneficial for those with sight or mobility challenges.

  1. Customized Workspaces

Working from home is now pervasive, necessitating spaces in the home that facilitate each family member’s productivity. A well-designed custom home can facilitate the separation of “work” and “play,” offering workspaces that account for different productivity objectives throughout the day. By prioritizing ergonomic design and optimal lighting, residents can create an office space that is both productive and functional.

Functional and accommodating study areas at home can be crucial for boosting children’s creativity and ability to complete schoolwork. These spaces can be optimally designed to filter out acoustics from other parts of the home, ensuring a quiet space for focusing. Furthermore, even family members who are no longer working can benefit from having their own accessible space for completing productive tasks.

  1. Open Floor Plan

Family members with accessibility challenges can benefit from an open floor plan that features fewer doorways. This design style also features a luxurious and calm feel while facilitating easy movement throughout the home. Doorways that must exist can be designed to be wider, helping family members move in and out of rooms. Wide doorways also offer functionality, as larger objects and furniture can be moved around easily.

  1. Modern Storage Solutions

Custom homes commonly feature ample storage options, facilitating organization and avoiding hazardous clutter for those with mobility or sight challenges. Homes that feature accessible, sleek custom storage solutions, such as hidden closets or multifunctional built-in furniture, stay clutter-free without sacrificing aesthetic appeal. Furthermore, smart storage technologies can be incorporated into home design to ensure young occupants cannot access hazardous objects.

Up to the Challenge: Meeting the Diverse Needs of Your Home’s Occupants

When designing your custom home, it can be challenging to account for your and your family’s current and future needs and anticipate factors such as growing families, aging, and digitalization. The innovative design team at Valdara Custom Homes can cater to your needs, leveraging current technologies and design trends to build you a functional, beautiful, and inclusive home.

Our team is eager to meet with your family to understand your current and future needs, considering key factors such as age, disability, and your desires. We will bring our in-depth experience building award-winning custom homes to your home’s design process.

From optimizing lighting and acoustics to creating accessible floor plans, our team can help you design a home that is functional and inclusive for every family member and visitor.

Make Your Custom Universal Home a Reality

If you’re ready to design and build the custom home of your dreams, Valdara Custom Homes is prepared to take the next steps to realize your goals. We can assist you in creating a house that melds functionality, accessibility, and luxury. Contact us today to begin creating a beautiful custom home that serves as an inviting and inclusive space for everyone.